Are you curious about the jungle of Panama? Then be sure to set aside a few days for the mountain village of Boquete. Here you can do cool treks and other outdoor activities. You can also visit the Baru volcano or take a look at one of the many coffee plantations in this area. Enough reasons to visit the this countryside of Panama.

The main reason to go to Boquete is the jungle. The village is situated on a river and is surrounded by rain forests. You cannot leave this place without making a cool hike. It is possible to do this with a guide, but there are also good options that you can do by yourself. We really came here for the lovely nature and did 3 amazing hiking trails   including the ‘The Lost Waterfall trail’ and ‘The Pipeline trail’. These trails last a maximum of half a day and we did them without a guide.

Eating and drinking in Boquete

There are several nice eateries in Boquete. For a good and especially large hamburger you can go to Big Daddy’s Grill. You can eat a cheap (also very large) but super tasty pizza at Re Pomodoro. We also had dinner with the locals at El Sobroson. Here you have a different buffet every day and you are ready for less than $ 5 a person including a drink. Cafe Boquete by Big Food Grill is highly recommended if you like a nice piece of meat for a good price (especially try the churrasco …). Even if you have a little more budget, you can go to Boquete. Try restaurant the Butcher or an Italian meal at Tre Scalini. There are plenty of supermarkets in Boquete so if you stay in a hostel, you can also cook for yourself. The largest supermarket is Romero, which is open 24/7.

Sleeping in Boquete
The number of accommodation is not high in this place. That’s why it’s useful to book on time. The average prices are quite high so don’t expect too much. Do you want to stay on a low budget? Then is Hostal Blasina highly recommended. This cozy, small-scale hostel is close to the main street and the host is super-friendly, making you feel at home quickly. Do you have a little more budget? Then Lodge Agaseke is also recommended. This country house is a little further from the main street, but is a really nice place to stay. They also serve a delicious breakfast!

Best time to visit Boquete
We have visited Boquete in January and have had fantastic weather all week (sun, nice fresh breeze and approx. 24º). January therefore falls during the dry period. It can still be rainy but we only had some drizzle once in the evening. In the evenings, a cardigan and long pants can be nice because it is slightly cooler in this area than on the coast. The rainy season takes place in Boquete during the Dutch summer(July/August). For the trekking it is better if you come in the drying season because the paths can be quite soggy. Find this out well in advance so that you will not be confronted with surprises.

From Panama City to Boquete
We traveled by bus from  Panama City to Boquete. You can catch a Uber (or the bus) in Panama City to the Allbrookmall bus station. At this bus station you can buy a bus ticket to David at the ticket counter for $ 15. This journey takes around six hours and in David you can transfer to the bus to Boquete. This last part takes another hour and costs $ 2 per person. You can simply pay this to the driver when you get out. The last bus from David to Boquete leaves at 7:45 pm so make sure you leave on time. The buses leave every half hour during the day, but every hour in the evening.

From Boquete to Bocas del Toro
Minibuses run from Boquete to the Bocas del Toro archipelago. This costs $ 30 to $ 35 per person including a ticket for the boat. Another option is to arrange it yourself, we have done that. Every 20 minutes the local bus leaves from the square in Boquete to David. This costs $ 1.75 per person and you can simply pay on the bus. In David you transfer to the bus to Almirante. We paid 14 $ per person at the bus station for the bus including ticket for the boat. When you arrive in Almirante there is a taxi ready to take you to the port for $ 1 per person. It is therefore a lot cheaper to arrange it yourself, but it takes a bit more effort. We found it easy to do.

Want to know more about Bocas del Toro? Then check our blog!

Transportation in Boquete
In the village of Boquete everything is within walking distance. If you are going to do a trek or other activity, you can use a colectivo or a taxi. There are plenty of taxis around the square and in the main street and the colectivos have a fixed departure point there. You can also just stop them on the street, this applies to both taxis, colectivos and the local bus. Since we travel in pairs, a taxi is often almost as cheap as the bus / colectivo. A taxi to The Lost Waterfalls trail costs around $ 8, The Pipeline trail $ 6 and La Pianista trail $ 4. On the way back you sometimes have to be a little more patient. You can just wait along the road until something passes. We were able to ride with other tourists once and we caught both a taxi and a colectivo. The colectivo from The Pipeline trail back to Boquete cost $ 2.50 per person.

If you have enough time, I would certainly take a few days off for Boquete. Do you also like a bit of action during your vacation?

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