If you are going to make a tour through Peru, you will probably start or end in Lima. And that’s not a bad thing because it’s a wonderful city! Lima was even compared to Miami by our Colombian friend and when you see the coastline of the Barranco & Miraflores neighborhoods, I can imagine something about that. Lima is a city with different faces and you can have fun there for a few days. In this blog you will find five things to do in Lima and practical tips to get the most out of your stay.

1. Explore the artistic neighborhood of Barranco
If you sleep in Barranco this is obvious, but even if you stay in Miraflores it is very nice to go to Barranco for an afternoon. Walk across the ‘Puente de los Suspiros’ bridge and enjoy all the street art. There are also nice markets in Barranco on a regular basis. Read more about the nicest neighborhood in Lima in our Barranco blog.

2. Larcomar shopping center during the sunset
Whether you like shopping or not; Larcomar is a must-go! You will find a number of nice shops, (fast food) restaurants and a fantastic sunset here! So even for the men it’s no punishment to spend a few hours here. Are you going to Peru for hiking, for example in Huaraz or to the Gocta waterfall, and do you still need some outdoor clothing? In Larcomar shopping center you will find shops from the North Face and Columbia.
3. Wander through the old city
Lima has a beautiful old center. Because Lima is a huge city, it is a 20 to 30 minute drive (16-20 soles with Uber) from Barranco / Miraflores to the old center. Around the Plaza Mayor you’ll find the beautiful colonial buildings. The presidential palace (Palacio de Gobierno), the cathedral of Lima and the Roman Catholic church / monastery (Basilica y Convento de San Fransisco) are some good examples of this. In the old center of Lima you will find several beautiful squares and hidden courtyards, where you can look around if you are lucky.
4. Romantic evening fountains
It is a bit touristy but that’s okay: the fountain show at Circuito Mágico del Agua. A large park with a nice laser show about three times a night (check times online in advance). In addition, there are several small fountains in the park and, for example, a fountain tunnel through which you can walk. Nice to take a leisurely stroll around! Entrance fee: 4 soles. Note: on
Monday there isn’t a show.
Address: Jr. Madre de Dios S / N, Cercado de Lima
5. Chilling in the parks of Miraflores
Miraflores is a modern neighborhood with many restaurants and shops. Right in the center of Miraflores you will find the Kennedy Park where you can relax and where you can regularly find an art market. Here you can just sit back and enjoy the local life around you. This is certainly recommended at the weekend. What’s special about Lima is that there are several archaeological ruins, including one in Miraflores (Huaca Pucclana) so if you want to sniff some history, this is a special place. You will also find a delicious vegan lunchroom (Raw Cafe) close to the entrance.
Nice hotels in Lima
Lima has two popular neighborhoods to stay in: the modern Miraflores and the artistic neighborhood of Barranco. These two neighborhoods are located next to each other and are both very suitable for exploring the city further. We have slept in our favorite Barranco neighborhood in the  Espacio Luxury Apartment. If you prefer to stay in Miraflores, Selina is a must.
Nice restaurants in Lima
We’ve been in Barranco for a few weeks and have tested many restaurants there. In our Barranco blog we give various tips such as the tapas restaurant Arlotia and Isolino. In Miraflores you will find restaurant Mantra Garden; one of the few Indian restaurants in Peru.
Buy a local SIM card in Peru
When you go backpacking in Peru, it can be useful to purchase a local SIM card. This allows you to use Uber and kill time during a long bus ride by looking for new accommodations. There are two Bitel stores in Barranco’s main street where you can purchase a Peruvian SIM. They often have offers; we paid 30 soles for a month of unlimited internet and calling. It doesn’t have the strongest network, but is especially economical and is great for a vacation. If you want a stronger network, so that you also have better reach in the countryside, you can opt for Claro or Movistar.
Transportation in Lima
Maybe you’ve already read it in other blogs; we are a fan of Uber! We have also made extensive use of this ‘online’ taxi service in Lima. They are usually at your doorstep within a few minutes and you know in advance exactly how much you will have to pay. They use also often newer cars than the normal taxis.
If you talk to locals, they do not advise Uber, but Beat. This app works in a similar way, with the option to pay in cash and it’s cheaper. Like in every big city, there are also plenty of taxis and if you are traveling on a low budget you can also use the many buses that run there.
Transport airport to Lima
Like most major airports, entire hordes of taxi drivers approach you immediately upon arrival. Of course they start with far too high amounts and you will have to negotiate something. On average you pay a small twenty dollars for a ride from the airport to Barranco / Miraflores (note: they only accept notes without cracks) or sixty to eighty soles. To save money, try whether you can share a taxi with other tourists. The taxis in Lima have all colors, except the airport taxis; these are black.
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