Bali is a very popular holiday destination and this is clearly visible in the large number of tourists who visit the island. Most people stick around in the south, but we have traveled to the authentic east of Bali in recent weeks. And there we’ve discovered a very cool new place: a villa with a private infinity pool with a view over the rice fields … sounds like a dream right?

Ok, we have been allowed to sleep in cool accommodations, but the BaliDroomVillas  are really on the top of our list. When you enter the villa, the view over the green valley is amazing. From Ubud you have to drive a bit to see the rice fields and the volcano Mount Agung, but you can watch it all day, just from your lounger by the pool. And the nice thing is that this part of Bali is much less touristy than the south and therefore a lot more authentic. The luxurious but affordable design villas have a beautiful boho interior and are fully equipped. Wonderful to relax but it is also a good base to discover the east of Bali.
Indonesian cuisine
The highlight of our stay? We love food so that’s an easy question: that you got your own cook in the villa! Every morning, the chef goes to the local market to get fresh fruits and vegetables and then starts breakfast. At noon we usually opted for a fresh salad and every evening we enjoyed a delicious 3-course dinner. We got a surprise-menu by the chef and discovered great new Indonesian dishes such as martabak and ayam sisit. Light candles and enjoy!
Yoga between the rice fields
Although it is quite confrontational to do yoga (for us as stiff Dutch among the flexible Balinese), it was very nice in this place! Every morning stretch with a view over the rice fields, and then enjoy breakfast in our own villa.
Affordable luxury
We stayed in Villa Coconut Dream and in this villa you can stay with a maximum of eight adults. Tip: the more people you are, the cheaper it is in proportion. The butler service is included with all villas and a household booklet is kept for groceries. These are bought on the local market, so the average cost for the meals is relatively low (depending on what you order, of course). Also check the BaliDroomLodges, these have recently been opened and look very nice.
East Bali
It is almost a pity to leave the beautiful villa, but when you are in Bali you naturally want to see more of the surroundings. Climb Mount Batur or visit one of the many temples or waterfalls in the area. Half an hour away you will find the famous Lempuyang temple, with the insta-famous ‘Stairway to heaven’. Near the Bali Dream Villas you will also find the Ujung Water Palace. You can combine this nicely with an afternoon at Virgin Beach.
The nearest beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali: Virgin Beach (also called White Sand Beach). You can drive here with a scooter or arrange a taxi from the villa. They can also reserve sunbeds for you at Warung Gusti.
Combine BaliDroomVillas with the paradise Nusa islands
If you go to Bali, a visit to the Nusa islands should not be missed. From the Bali Dream Villas it is less than an hour’s drive to the port of Padangbai and from there it takes about 40 minutes by boat to the paradise Nusa islands. Sleep on Nusa Lembongan for a few nights and from there take a day trip to the rugged neighboring island of Nusa Penida.

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