What did we think of our first flight with Norwegian Air? We flew last Wednesday with a Boeing 787-9 from Amsterdam to New York and we really enjoyed this Norwegian airline. It was a pleasant suprise for us that with Norwegian Air, unlike many other airlines, you do not have to pay extra for seats with extra legroom. You can reserve them online based on availability during your booking.
We flew with the Boeing 787-9 to New York (flight DY7701). A great experience for a great price.
We have booked our tickets on the Norwegian website itself. That was the best option at that time and they have a simple booking process. We had a special offer (this of course depends on the travel date / crowds etc) and paid € 190 for a direct flight from Amsterdam to New York. This was a one-way trip, but the return tickets at Norwegian are often very good priced. Please note that you also have to pay for your checked baggage separately at this price fighter. We have therefore chosen to book a Lowfare + ticket. That cost us € 70 per person extra (so a total of € 260 per person) but in addition to checked baggage of 20 kg you can also reserve your seat in advance and get a meal on board.
Media player
Each chair has its own media player with a number of films and series. There is a separate selection for the children. It is striking that you can also order food / drinks via the media player. To pay you just have to swipe your credit card through it.
Food / drinks on board
Two meals are included as standard. With these meals we received a drink of your choice. If you want to order other drinks / food in between, you can do this via your media player (for a fee).
Boeing 787-9 chairs
There are a number of rows with extra legroom in economy class. This where the interesting places on board of our flight *:
Row 6: this is the first row behind the comfort class. You sit behind a shot and therefore have extra legroom. Because the comfort class has its own toilet, you have to walk a little further (to the back) to be able to pee. The legroom is not as generous as the emergency exit but I thought it was definitely worth it with my height of 1.79 m.
Row 9: these are the seats at the emergency exit and therefore have even more legroom. In my opinion, these are the best places in economy class. The only negative thing is that you do not have a storage compartment in front of you, but all your hand luggage must be stored in the compartment above your head.
Row 11 – middle: note, only the middle seats in row 11 have extra legroom. These are located directly behind the kitchen and have storage compartments on the wall in front of it.
Row 27 – middle: the entire row has extra legroom. The middle seats are located directly behind the bulkhead (with storage compartments).
Row 27 – sides: the seats on the sides of row 27 have even more legroom i.v.m. the emergency exit. There are no storage compartments here, so you must store your hand luggage in the compartments above your head.
* Please note: Norwegian air can use different variaties op planes, so always check the map of your specific plane. This information is based on our flight.
All in all we thought it was a good experience. It is certainly interesting to keep an eye on the airline tickets of this price fighter. Have you ever flown with Norwegian Air? What is your opinion about this airline?

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