Williamsburg is an upcoming neighborhood in New York. This neighborhood has the rough character of Brooklyn in combination with hip coffee bars and restaurants. In Williamsburg you will find a lot of cool street art and you can end up in a really cozy dog ​​café (true story). Williamsburg is on the other side of the Hudson River and therefore you have a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline. But what else can you do in this trendy neighborhood?

Although more and more people find Williamsburg, it is a lot quieter there than in Manhattan. There is a nice atmosphere in this neighborhood. You will find many yoga / pilates schools and a lot of nice street art. Take a few hours to just stroll through the streets of Williamsburg and enjoy everything you will see

Cycling in Williamsburg
Although you will not be the first to think about a New York city trip, it is highly recommended to rent bicycles there. It is of course important to first find out where you can safely ride your bike. If you stay in Williamsburg it is highly recommended anyway! This area is relatively quiet in terms of traffic and you will find many cycle paths. It is an easy way to explore the neighborhood. It is also nice to cycle from Williamsburg to Dumbo. Both in Dumbo and on the route there, you will find beautiful viewpoints of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. Speaking of this, it is also cool to cross the bridge by bicycle. We took the Williamsburg Bridge and then cycled all the way to Pier 16 along the water. We then stepped on the boat towards the Statue of Liberty.

Eating and going out
In Williamsburg you will find many nice restaurants. As in most places in New York, it is also not very cheap in Williamsburg, but you can make it as expensive as you want. We ate super Thai food at restaurant Khao Sarn Thai Brooklyn. You can score tasty sandwiches at Bakeri and if you want to have a nice drink somewhere at the end of the afternoon, the Dog Café is a nice option. Yes, dogs are also welcome here. If you see a dull image in front of a dog cafe, you are wrong. In this brown café you can sit at the bar and they also have different kind of draft beers. And although Williamsburg seems a fairly quiet area during the day, you see more and more hip clubs with long lines at the door during the evening. So if you like a party …

Sleeping in Williamsburg
There are not that many accommodations in this upcoming neighborhood but the accommodations that are available are super stylish! There are a number of hotels close together. We slept in the delightful  The Williamsburg Hotel.This trendy boutique hotel has a great location within walking distance of the metro and you can use the hotel bicycles for free. If you want to stay in Williamsburg for a longer period of time, it is also interesting to check out Airbnb. There you will also find many great places to sleep in this neighborhood.

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How to get to Williamsburg
One of the easiest ways to get around in New York is of course by metro. It will take you under the Hudson River and it will bring you from Midtown Manhattan to Williamsburg in about 20 minutes. Uber is also bigger than big in New York. For example, for about 10 dollars you can travel in pairs with a (shared) Uber from Chinatown to Williamsburg. Quite interesting too!

What is your favorite neighborhood to stay in New York?

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